The Future of Livestock Nutrition: Armour Group’s Proven Solutions


In the expansive pastures of Naracoorte, on the cusp of South Australia and Victoria, the sustainable agriculture narrative is being rewritten. This is the land of Locmaria Farms, a beacon of innovation in livestock management, where Justin Lobb and his dedicated team have embraced the challenges of efficiently feeding an impressive flock of 16,000 ewes. Armour Group takes pride in being part of this story, expertly distributing Hustler Equipment, and providing EM Feed Mixers for comprehensive livestock feeding solutions.

Justin Lobb’s Journey with Locmaria Farms and the Hustler Combi RX218

Justin, a farmer with a clear vision for the future, required a solution that matched the scale of his operations. Armour Group, a name synonymous with expert distribution and agricultural machinery solutions, recommended the Hustler Combi RX218 multi-feeder wagon. With its unbeatable versatility, this machine has been pivotal in providing the ability to feed vast mobs of ewes in a single go, significantly saving time and improving overall efficiency on the farm.

Highlighting the chainless reliability and simplicity of the Hustler Combi, Armour Group ensures that farmers like Justin have access to the most dependable equipment on the market. The Hustler Combi RX218’s 100% hydraulic drive, self-aligning bearings, and simple maintenance design represent our promise to provide machinery that reduces operating costs and maximises time spent in the field. Known for precision and control, EM Feed Mixers, complement the Hustler range by offering precise nutritional mixing, ensuring that every ration meets the specific dietary needs of livestock. These mixers, distributed by Armour Group, provide a perfect synergy with the Hustler Combi , ensuring that Locmaria Farms and similar operations can keep their livestock healthy and well-fed.

A Compact Design for Unmatched Maneuverability

Our feed mixer range with their compact design and unparalleled maneuverability, which are essential for the varied landscapes of farms like Locmaria Farms. The unique drawbar design of the 218 combi feeder offers operators  a hassle-free experience, further validating Armour Group’s commitment to supplying equipment that makes agricultural practices more efficient and less labor-intensive.

With the industry-leading visibility on the load behind, the Hustler Combi RX218 allows operators to manage perfect feed rows easily. Openwork panels ensure see-through visibility on the bin and elevator, improving feed control and operator safety. It’s this kind of innovation that Armour Group proudly delivers, ensuring that every feeding operation.

Armour Group’s collaboration with Hustler Equipment and the distribution of EM Feed Mixers places us at the vanguard of agricultural evolution. By providing farmers like Justin Lobb with the most reliable, versatile, and innovative solutions, we are honored to contribute to the success of Locmaria Farms and the wider farming community. Join us as we continue to shape a more efficient and productive future for farming.

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