• Armour Group are a specialist importer of machinery for the Agricultural, Turf and Municipal Industry, with product lines that include feed mixer, manure spreaders, bale wrappers, agricultural mulchers, a range of trailers, cultivation equipment and specialist turf mowers.
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Product Range

Our product lines include feed mixers, manure spreaders, bale wrappers, agricultural mulchers, a range of trailers, cultivation equipment and specialist turf mowers. Equipment used in Australian conditions has to deal with a much harsher environment compared to most other regions in the world. At Armour Group, we have set ourselves to source only the best equipment and have worked with European manufacturers to tailor-make machinery that lasts and provides a solution for the Australian farmers.

About Armour Group

Specialist importer of machinery for the agricultural turf and municipal industry

Building on 40 years of experience in the retail machinery space, Armour Group has the qualifications to source premium machinery that suits the specific requirements of the Australian operating environments.

Over the course of our business career we have witnessed machinery imported from Europe that does not suit Australian conditions. Unlike Europe, Australian farmland has not been improved by hundreds of generations of farmers.

Our Brands

Armour Group has selected some of the best quality and innovative brands in the international industry. What we look for when partnering with a supplier is someone who builds a quality product and is willing to change and improve the product when there is a need, making small adaptions to suit the Australian farmers and their needs.

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