• Armour Group are a specialist importer of machinery for the Agricultural, Turf and Municipal Industry, with product lines that include feed mixer, manure spreaders, bale wrappers, agricultural mulchers, a range of trailers, cultivation equipment and specialist turf mowers.
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Product Range

Our equipment range include feed mixers, manure spreaders, agricultural mulchers, a range of trailers and wagons, cultivation equipment, sprayers and slurry equipment. In the challenging Australian environment, where conditions are notably harsher than in many other parts of the world, equipment needs to meet higher standards of durability and performance. At Armour Group, we’ve made it our mission to procure only top-tier machinery. We’ve forged partnerships with manufacturers to craft custom machinery that not only endures but also offers effective solutions for your operations. European Innovation. Quality Obsessed.

About Armour Group

As a specialist provider of rigorously tested, top-quality machinery, Armour Group leverages four generations of expertise in the retail machinery sector. We have the qualifications to partner with quality equipment lines tailored to the unique demands of Australian operating environments.

During our extensive journey in the industry, we’ve witnessed machinery that simply doesn’t cut it in the rugged Australian terrain. Unlike Europe, where farmland has been fine-tuned over generations, Australian landscapes present unique challenges that demand cutting-edge solutions. At Armour Group, we only offer an equipment solution that doesn’t just adapt but excels in these demanding conditions. It’s time to equip your operation with the best. Experience the difference with our range, perfectly tailored to conquer the landscape.

Our Brands

Armour Group carefully partners with a portfolio of innovative brands from around the world. We forge relationships with those who not only craft high-quality products but also exhibit a commitment to adapt and enhance their offerings to meet the evolving needs of your operation. We value suppliers who understand the unique challenges of our region and are willing to make the necessary adjustments to tailor their solutions for the benefit of our customers.

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