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  • SMS Cambridge Rollers

    SMS Cambridge Rollers

    SMS Cambridge Rollers

    SMS Cambridge Rollers

    The Essential Companion for Every Farmer

    The SMS Cambridge roller is a ubiquitous machine, a must-have for every farmer. What sets our roller apart is its sophisticated design, which excels in simplicity, working performance, and low-maintenance requirements. Crafted from high-quality materials and precision manufacturing, our product guarantees a long service life, even in the most challenging conditions. With SMS, you're investing in a reliable partner for your agricultural endeavours.
    • Our C510/530 Machine Versions are designed to meet your agricultural needs with precision and efficiency.

      Key Features

      • A robust and reliable frame that ensures precise land copying.
      • The innovative TitanLoc system for excellent axial tightening of casted rings onto the shaft, guaranteeing lasting performance.
      • A wide selection of rollers and supplementary accessories to customize your equipment.
      • Top-quality cast rings and housings, crafted from ductile iron for exceptional durability.
      • An original hydraulic system that evenly distributes weight between the central and wing frames, ensuring stability and balance.
      • Terrain coping capabilities for versatile use in various landscapes.

      Invest in the future of farming with our C510/530 Machine Versions - the reliable choice for your agricultural needs

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