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  • SMS Smart Drills

    SMS Smart Drills

    SMS Smart Drills

    SMS Smart Drills

    The SSD 300 is universal seeding machine with 3m working width. The machine is primarily designated for permanent grassland foundation or recultivation, but it can be fully used in field conditions for seeding grain and majority of common crops. A seed is delivered directly into the ground by disc seeding unit and stabilized by roller afterwards. The seed drill machine SMART is highly universal equipment especially for smaller farmers.

    Standard machine version includes:

    • 200 liters seeding unit with hydraulically driven fan
    • Control box 1.2
    • Smooth cylinder (water fillable) with 510 mm diameter and 12mm thickness equipped with scraper
    • Hinge cat. III/2
    • Two rows of seeding units with distance 125 mm between each unit
    • Inter-row distance 125mm
  • SMS Roller Drills

    SMS Roller Drills

    SMS Roller Drills

    SMS Roller Drills


    The roller TITAN is a universal machine suitable for meadow and soil cultivation with the widest working width. Thanks to broad variety of additional accessories TITAN can execute variety of operations. Sophisticated machine concept impresses with simplicity, working performance and undemanding maintenance. The roller is made from high strength materials and precisely manufactured that ensures long service life even in the hardest conditions.

    Field use

    • Pre-seeding field preparation
    • Seeding of crops and intercrops
    • Application of fertilizers
    • Compaction after seeding
    • Leveling of rough furrow after ploughing

    Pasture use

    • Land leveling/straightening
    • Grass land aeration
    • Pull up moss and old grass
    • Grass sowing and re-sowing
    • Application of fertilizer


    • Robust and reliable frame that allows precise land copying
    • Original system TitanLoc for excellent axial tightening of casted rings on the shaft
    • Wide offer of rollers and supplementary accessories
    • Top quality cast rings and housings made of ductile iron
    • Original hydraulic system for even weight distribution between central and wings frame
    • Terrain coping
  • SMS Cambridge Rollers

    SMS Cambridge Rollers

    SMS Cambridge Rollers

    SMS Cambridge Rollers

    The Essential Companion for Every Farmer

    The SMS Cambridge roller is a ubiquitous machine, a must-have for every farmer. What sets our roller apart is its sophisticated design, which excels in simplicity, working performance, and low-maintenance requirements. Crafted from high-quality materials and precision manufacturing, our product guarantees a long service life, even in the most challenging conditions. With SMS, you're investing in a reliable partner for your agricultural endeavours.
    • Our C510/530 Machine Versions are designed to meet your agricultural needs with precision and efficiency.

      Key Features

      • A robust and reliable frame that ensures precise land copying.
      • The innovative TitanLoc system for excellent axial tightening of casted rings onto the shaft, guaranteeing lasting performance.
      • A wide selection of rollers and supplementary accessories to customize your equipment.
      • Top-quality cast rings and housings, crafted from ductile iron for exceptional durability.
      • An original hydraulic system that evenly distributes weight between the central and wing frames, ensuring stability and balance.
      • Terrain coping capabilities for versatile use in various landscapes.

      Invest in the future of farming with our C510/530 Machine Versions - the reliable choice for your agricultural needs

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