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Buffalo RX Manure Spreader. Larger Capacity 18-24m3

EM Machinery Manure Spreaders

The EM BUFFALO RX-HD manure spreaders are known for quality. Built with precision from materials of the best quality, this guarantees the ability to spread all manures with long life and durability. Ideal for the large farm or contractor. The manure spreader is subject to EM’s three-step painting process this prevents corrosion and guarantees reliability.




EM BUFFALO have an extensive range of standard equipment. Thanks to this, the spreader fulfils the requirements of even the most demanding conditions.

  • Loading chest made from quality metal sheet S355J2+N – 6 mm thick
  • Double-chain conveyor – Ø 18 mm with 33 t breaking capacity per chain
  • Floor bars with a closed profile
  • Hydraulic stepless chain floor conveyor
  • Air or hydraulic brakes
  • A single truck axle with a cross-section of 150 mm (RX-1800HD & RX-2000HD)
  • Tandem axle with rear steer & spring suspension (RX-2200HD & RX-2400HD)
  • Mechanically adjustable single axle
  • Hydraulic ‚scissor’ support foot folding inside the drawbar
  • Inspection ladder
  • Stepless gearbox
  • Wide-angle PTO shaft
  • Connections for silage extensions
  • Foot inside the loading chest
  • LED lights


In all our manure spreader models we have used an innovative beater characterised by a massive construction and compact folds welded both sides with a continuous double-sided weld.

  • Made from quality steel S355J2+N
  • Reinforced HD gearbox
  • Double-drum 2.25 m high
  • Speed of beater rolls 423 rpm
  • Rollers with cross-section of Ø 324 mm and 7.1 mm thick walls
  • Replaceable cutting knives made from HARDOX steel 12 mm thick (28 pcs per roll)
  • Distance between knives – 40 mm
  • Bottom plates with a diameter of 1050 mm
  • replicable paddles for lime spreading
  • Oil sight glass
  • Central lubrication of top bearings
  • Grip for detaching the beater
  • Beater weight – 1350 kg


Additional safety during transport is guaranteed thanks to air or hydraulic brakes.

Air-brake system is characterised by the best brake force. Manure spreader can be equipped in a 1-circuit or 2-circuit system. Hydraulic brakes are less popular with our customers.

If a manure spreader is to operate with a few tractors, a mixed brake system may be used.


Hydraulic cushioning of a drawbar affects the comfort during transport and during manure spreader work. It minimalizes shocks when on an uneven terrain. Standard cushioning has to actuators attached to hitches 20 mm thick.

Advantages of hydraulic drawbar suspension in a manure spreader:

  • Possibility of using a double anti-balance force (on an empty and loaded machine)
  • Regulation of cushioning level
  • Larger clearing (2 actuators placed on the top of the hitch)
  • Cushioning control (indicator on the outside of the spreader)


The option of converting the manure spreader into a capacity trailer is a great addition if it comes to the transport of crops. This solution allows for using the spreader functionality in full and decreasing the costs during harvest.

The unloading is fast, simple and without leaving any material on the trailer. The speed of feed is a stepless regulation taking place from the tractor cabin.


The manure spreader is controlled thanks to tractor hydraulics. In case there are not enough hydraulics sections, a splitter can be used as well as additional control levers.


The electronic control panel for BUFFALO manure spreaders that guarantees a simple use and an efficient operation.

Main benefits of electronic control BUFFALO manure spreader, equipped in an electronic control possess:

  • Hydraulic splitter in standard (1 section of hydraulics required)
  • Large and clear display
  • Comfortable placement of keys makes it easy to access certain functions
  • Menu
  • Panel cover protecting electronic wiring from any shocks, dirt or humidity
  • Comfortable manure spreader control directly from the tractor cabin


In all models there is a possibility to choose the type of chassis – single axle, tandem (double chassis) or torsional tridem. Every customer can match the size of tires according to their needs or conditions in which the machine will be operating. Tandem chassis improves the stability and decreases the ground pressure.

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* This data is only for your information. The technical specification from the table may be subject to change.


Specification*   RX-1800 HD   RX-2000 HD   RX-2200 HD   RX-2400 HD
Tonnage [t] 14 16 18 20
Loading height [m] 2,75 2,75 2,85 2,85
Total width [m] 2,95 2,95 2,9 2,9
Total length [m] 8,4 9 9,6 10,2
Capacity with 2,25m beater [m3] 18,1 20,1 22,1 24,2
Beater height [m] 2,25 2,25 2,25 2,25
Length inside the box [m] 5,4 6 6,6 7,2
Height inside the box [m] 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5
Width inside the box[m] 1,5/2,1 1,5/2,1 1,5/2,1 1,5/2,1
Minimal power demand [hp] 130 140 150 160
Weight [kg] 7000 7500 9000 9500
650/65 – R30,5 std std n/a n/a
550/60 – R22,5 opt/t opt/t std/t std/t
650/55 – R26,5 opt/t opt/t opt/t opt/t | opt/tri

* This data is only for your information. The technical specification from the table may be subject to change.

std- standard | opt – optional | n/a – not available | t – torsional tandem


Buffalo Manure Spreader

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