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Direct Drill – Specialist Farmers Small Seed Drill

Agrowplow Seed Drills Seeding and Planting

Compact and versatile drill for small scale operations.
Undercarriage: 425 Coil Tyne or 401 Double Disc
Maximum hopper capacity: 770L


Maximise the potential of your field in new or established pastures.

With innovative features as standard as well as options to maximise versatility, the AD140 Agrowdrill direct drill seeder is perfect for smaller specialist operations.

Choose between the Agrowdrill 425 coil tyne or Double Disc Unit. The 425 coil tyne has been a mainstay of our seed drills for years – and with good reason. The robust design and inverted T shake Baker Boot Point minimise soil disturbance and ensure effective seed placement. . Alternatively, the AD140 can support the 401 Double Disc undercarriage for improved trash management and zero till operations.

Enhance your pasture renovation with our proven design that features a reliable drive system, heavy-duty frame, and the tools you need to sow a better crop.

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AD140 Specifications

Model 10×150 12×150 16×150 20×150
Sowing Rows 10 12 16 20
Row Spacings 150mm
Undercarriage 425 Coil Tyne
401 Double Disc Unit
Hopper Capacity Front 185L 215L 300L 385L
Rear 185L 215L 300L 385L
Working Width 1.5m 1.8m 2.4m 3m
Transport Width 2.09m 2.29m 2.89m 3.49m
Toolbar 100x100x6mm RHS
Tyres 235/75 R15
Linkage CAT2 Three Point Linkage
Trailing with hydraulic lift
Drawbar Power 40-60hp 60-80hp 70-90hp 80-100hp
Options Bean Rollers
Road Kit
Small Seeds Box
Deep Small Seeds Box
Press Wheels
Press Wheel Seed Down Tubes
Rear Tow Hitch
Rubber Tyre Roller
Flexi-Roller Hydraulic Lift Kit
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