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Direct Drill – Broadacre Seed Drill

Agrowplow Seed Drills Seeding and Planting

Purpose built for broadacre mixed farm operations
Undercarriage: 552 HD Spring Tyne, 251 Spring Tyne, 401 Double Disc
Maximum hopper capacity: 2,160L


We didn’t just build a seed drill to be stronger, we also built a machine that’s more productive.

Designed alongside farmers like you and packed with a long list of innovative features, we built a seed drill to help you be more efficient in the paddock, featuring a noticeably larger capacity, high flotation tyres, and new heavy duty spring release tynes.

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AD730 Specifications

Model 18×225 22×225 20×175 24×175 28×175
Sowing Rows 18 22 20 24 28
Row Spacings 225mm 225mm 175mm 175mm 175mm
Undercarriage 552 HD Spring Tyne
251 Spring Tyne
401 Double Disc Unit
Hopper Capacity Front 880L 1080L 775L 920L 1080L
Rear 880L 1080L 775L 920L 1080L
Working Width 4.05m 4.95m 3.5m 4.2m 4.9m
Transport Width 4.87m 5.75m 4.35m 5.05m 5.75m
Toolbar 100x100x9mm RHS
Tyres 380/85 R24
Linkage Trailing with hydraulic level lift
Drawbar Power 120-150hp 130-180hp 120-150hp 130-160hp 150-200hp
Options Bean Rollers
Double Chuting
Road Kit
Small Seeds Box
Deep Small Seeds Box
Small Seeds Flexi-Chute Bar
Rubber Tyre Roller
Rear Tow Hitch
Flexi-Roller Hydraulic Lift Kit
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