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Direct Drill – Mid-Range Seed Drill

Agrowplow Seed Drills Seeding and Planting

Versatile seed drill for small to medium operations.
Undercarriage: 425 Coil Tyne
Maximum hopper capacity: 1,420L


The ultimate pasture seed drill, featuring our renowned design melding tradition with modern technology and practicality.

The newly released AD240 is the latest evolution of our very popular AD230 direct seed drill – your best choice for simplicity, reliability, and flexibility. Easily sow wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, plus grasses for pasture renovation in one simple machine.

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AD240 Specifications

AD240 Models 20×150 24×125 24×150 28×125
Sowing Rows 20 24 24 28
Row Spacings 150mm 125mm 150mm 125mm
Undercarriage 425 Coil Tyne
Hopper Capacity Front 605L 605L 710L 710L
Rear 605L 605L 710L 710L
Working Width 3.0m 3.0m 3.6m 3.5m
Transport Width 3.15m 3.15m 3.7m 3.7m
Toolbar 100x100x9mm RHS
Tyres 11.5/80-15.3 Implement
Linkage Trailing with hydraulic level lift
Drawbar Power 80-100hp 80-100hp 100-130hp 100-130hp
Options Double Chuting
Road Kit
Small Seeds Box
Rubber Tyre Roller
Rear Tow Hitch
Flexi-Roller Hydraulic Lift Kit
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