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Deep Ripper – Heavy Duty Rigid

Agrowplow Deep Ripper Seed Drills Seeding and Planting

Heavy duty rigid deep ripper with working depth of 750mm and 15,000kg breakout at the blade.


Truly deep ripping! Depths up to 750 mm and 15,000 kg breakouts with our custom rigid shank.

The AP102 raises the stakes with it’s 300x0300x16 mm RHS steel toolbar joined by 25 mm plates. That is incredible strength. The AP102 deep ripper will be ready for whatever field and conditions you throw at it.

Agrowplow’s HD rigid shank was custom designed and built exclusively for the AP102 and is capable of depths of 750 mm. The 32mm bisalloy shank features a 68 tonne shearpin resulting in a breakout of 15,000 kg at the blade! That is over three times the breakout of the #9 shank that comes standard with all other Agrowplow models.

The shank comes with removable shinguards and hardfaced points and can be fitted with inclusion plates and 400 mm wide sweeps.

Hydraulic Level Lift

A hydraulic level lift is included as standard, allowing full depth and angle control all from the tractor, allowing operators to quickly and easily adjust to changing soil conditions.

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AP102 Specifications

AP102 Models 5×700 7×643 7×750 9×666
Working Rows 5 7 7 9
Row Spacings 700mm 643mm 750mm 666mm
Number of Shanks 5 7 7 9
Working Width 3.5m 4.5m 5.25m 6.0m
Transport Width 3.25m 4.25m 4.9m 5.75m
Toolbar 300 x 300 x 16mm RHS
Working Depth 750mm
Shank Style Custom Rigid – 15,000kg breakout at the blade
Linkage Trailing, level lift w/ 2” or 2¾” draw bar pin
Mass 6.0 tonne 7.5 tonne 7.7 tonne 9.0 tonne
Machine Options Rear Tow Hitch
Hydraulic Hose Kit for Rear Tow Hitch
2.3/4″ Hitch
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