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Weed Destroyer Single Roller Weed Wiper – 2.4M Weed Control Machine

Blaney Pasture Solutions Weed Wipers

Innovative rotating long fibre rollers for maximum kill with minimum drips. Absorbent long fibre synthetic rollers offer less drips, plus optimum chemical retention and application. Equipped with a single contra-rotating roller, it lifts the weed up and applies the chemical to the sensitive underside of the leaf for much faster herbicide absorption and faster weed kill rates.



A Blaney Agri herbicide applicator is the ideal solution to treating weeds which are taller than the grass. Unlike boom spraying, Blaney Agri herbicide applicators treat only the weeds giving faster kill rates while saving chemical without stinting the grass and clover growth. Blaney Agri have developed a range of revolutionary weed wipers to deal with the toughest of weeds in an environmentally sensitive way reflecting concern for conservation and preservation of wildlife habitats.

weed destroyer

  • 60L tank – ATV mounted
  • Manually controlled  poison aplication
  • 3-position drawbar offsettable
  • Knobby 22 –  11 x 8 tyres
  • Ground driven counter-rotating roller
  • 140mm to 380mm no tool height adjustment
  • Drawbar design ensures weeds touch the roller first

Designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland


Contra rotating,long fibre Roller

Absorbent Long fibre synthetic contra rotating roller- for less drips and optimum chemical retention and application.

Contra Rotating

The roller is contra rotating to lift the weeds up to get to the sensitive underside for faster kill rates with less weed kill.

Machine Width

The total width of the machine is 2.4m

machine width



Knobby 22-11×8 flotation tyres make the machine suitable for use on soft/wet ground.  With optimal chemical application, there is no pick-up on the wheels.

Height Range

With the largest height range on the market; it can be adjusted from 140mm – 380mm. No tools required.

Drawbar Design

Unique drawbar design so the roller is first to come in contact with weeds after the towing vehicle (weeds aren’t knocked down by drawbar)


The drawbar has three positions. This can be positioned centrally or right/left offset positions.


UV Protected Tank

The Weed Destroyer comes with the option of a 60l Tank or 100l tank. This tank is UV protected and comes with our very own Quad-X Superpump. This pump creates more pressure for finer droplets and more accurate coverage.

The tank comes complete with the wiring kit and manual application controller that reaches to the handlebars.

Tank Mount

If you prefer to mount the tank on the Weed Destroyer, rather than the rear rack of the ATV you can select the optional tank mount.



Handlance Kit

Spray while you wipe, ideal for those areas difficult to access.

Jockey wheel

For easy storage.

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