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VT6100 Versatile Farm Trailer with Grain, Rock, Gravel and Silage Side Options 6.1m

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No more wasting time and money on dedicated trailers for each material. The Stewart VT6100 transforms in seconds to handle grain transport, aggregate materials, silage, and more.


Introducing the all-new Stewart VT6100, the most versatile Farm Trailer in the Industry! At 6.1m body standard, the Stewart VT6100 is the most versatile farm trailer on the market, with 4 different side configurations so you can haul exactly what you need. 4 different configurations allows you to quickly switch between grain, rock, gravel, and silage sides to suit our customers’ changing demands.

What makes the VT5500 and VT6100 trailers versatile?

The VT5500/VT6100 is a Scottish-made Stewart trailer tailored specifically for the Australian market. The folks at Armour Group met with our large contracting clients and asked them about their ideal trailer requirements. Then they set about making it a reality.

Feedback was consistent, notably a long deck, a fixed headboard, the ability to add a bale extension plus gravel sides and a silage bin – all contributing to an incredibly versatile trailer. The name directly corresponds to the length of the trailer. The VT5500 trailer is 5.5 metres long and the VT6100 is 6.1 metres long.

Tough Trailer Deck and Chassis

Stewart Trailers’ motto is ‘Bigger, stronger, tougher’, and the VT5500/VT6100 – at first glance – certainly embodies that: The sloping narrow drawbar is particularly excellent for tight turning.

For comfort, two large springs handle the drawbar suspension and work effectively to absorb both the shunting and pitching of a fully-loaded trailer.

The tucked inside tipping chassis contributes to the stability of the trailer on hills in two main ways:

  1. It helps maintain a low center of gravity. Since the chassis is tucked inside the trailer frame rather than extended out, it contributes to keeping the overall height of the trailer low. This helps lower the center of gravity of the loaded trailer. A lower center of gravity makes the trailer more stable when traveling on uneven or sloped terrain like hills.
  2. It reduces forces acting on the chassis. Since the chassis is tucked inside and protected by the trailer frame, it is less exposed to side forces when the trailer traverses hills or turns. This reduces the risk of the chassis twisting or bending, which could cause instability and loss of control. The protected, enclosed design helps ensure the chassis remains sturdy and able to provide stable support for the trailer.

Trailer Deck toughness

The entire main deck is Hardox, a highly durable metal. Given that these trailers endure heavy use from diggers and large chunks of metal being dropped, this is an important feature. Additionally, the closely spaced cross members underneath the deck add strength, so if a hard rock does hit the deck, the Hardox will protect, and the reinforced understructure will prevent dents and waving in the deck, thereby avoiding strength loss.

Gravel Sides

The two-piece removable gravel sides, also constructed of Hardox steel, come equipped with their own hydraulically operated high lift tailgate. The sides are designed to form a close fitting connection with the trailer sides and floor, utilising heavy-duty gussets and reinforcements to accommodate loads of up to 16 tons. The steep tipping angle and tall tailgate opening are features that deliver notable benefits.


VT6100 – 6.1m body standard
Available in 16 & 18T
2.7m wide body
Hardox tray
22.5-in. Flotation tyres
Twin tip rams
Hydraulic Brakes & draw suspension


Stewart VT 6100

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