The Silage Trailer Test

Keeping up with ever increasing output, Stewart Trailers offer the ultimate trailers to keep up with your work day.

The Stewart Trailer range is one of the most talked about trailers available in the marketplace. Our latest silage trailer range includes tipping trailers, flat trailers, low loader trailers and livestock trailers. Stewart is widely recognised as being built to best-in-class standard…Find out why in our latest video series on Stewart Silage Trailers and Request a Callback for Stock and Pricing Information Today >>

Armour Group are suppliers for Stewart Trailers – specialists for the powerful transport of grass and maize silage. Stewart Trailers are designed and built to operate in the most demanding of agricultural environments. This high-spec’d manufacturer of optimised silage trailers aims to increase farmers’ and contractors’ profitability.

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    Learn More About Stewart Trailers…

    Hardcoded Strength

    Stewart trailers have strength hardcoded into their design, thanks to the placement of steel in the right places. For a birds-eye view of trailer rigidity, take a look at under-body bracing. The unrivalled rigidity of Stewart Trailers is thanks, in part, to fitting under body bracing at very regular intervals. Not only does this ensure that your floor stays in top shape for the long term, it makes the difference for farmers and contractors as steel has to be in the right places to increase efficiency. simply adding more steel to a silage trailer to increase the strength silage trailer heavy and the ‘strength’ can be in the wrong place.

    One of the most commented elements of Stewart Trailer design is lower loading height. This comes down to innovative body chassis design, which allows the top chassis to fit inside the bottom chassis. This provides improved strength and stability and allows the body to ride as low as physically possible and reduces any twist that might occur when tipping.

    Further, this allows the trailer to be built with a single bar hinge pin. This hinge pin travels through the trailer chassis the body chassis, the body chassis and the trailer chassis (ensuring that the connection between the chassis and the body is as rigid and flexfree and safe as possible).

    This ‘connection’ of a single rear hinge pin running the full width of the chassis and dual hydraulic rams give a smooth, even and ultra safe lift – and further separates Stewart Trailers from the pack.

    It’s very important to the Armour Group and Stewart Trailers team to specify the correct axles and suspension for your application, whether it is steel suspension with air suspension or hydraulic suspension, and tougher agricultural tires with the option of steering axles being follow-steer or powered steer systems. With Stewart Trailers, you can order either mechanical steering systems or electro-hydraulic steering systems.

    Finishing Touches

    Stewart trailers are shot blasted to make sure we get rid of all the mill scale, and like everything else preparation is key: for painting we need a really good surface and shot blasting provides that – it roughens the texture and gets rid of any loose material.

    Stewart uses a two-pack primer and a two-pack top coat. This gives us a very durable finish and includes a Flexi paint for the top coat. Exactly as it says in the description, this paint is flexible and durable as it allows for movement in the material. The two-pack acrylic high gloss paint system is as hard-wearing as promised and finished to perfection.

    Built for any application

    Optional extras can also be fitted including automatic lubrication systems, electronic weighing systems with chassis mounted readout or a wireless readout in the tractor cab. Steel suspension is a standard, and we also fit air suspension and hydraulic suspension on larger trailers. The majority of trailers are fitted with floatation tyres but central tyre inflation is becoming more popular, which allows you to make full use of the technology in the tires.

    Our quality assurance system ensures we get orders correct: this includes a full check of the trailer before it progresses, checking all components have been included, a weld quality check, and further comprehensive inspection checks.

    Every trailer gets a pre-delivery inspection: that means everything is checked including lights, brakes, correctly torqued wheels and tire pressures. All of this means your trailer is ready for use the moment that it leaves the factory.

    2024 Silage Equipment: Stewart 40 & 50m3 Trailers in stock & ready for delivery. Select finance from 2.99% 36mth term (T&Cs apply)
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