Stewart Trailer GX 20-26

Look at these new 50m3 (20t) silage trailers!

Delivered and commissioned at Blighty, NSW, and put straight to work. The GX Range is our standard tipping trailer built with a mild steel body.
The trailers are built with a box section chassis and body, plus top rail for strength and durability.

If there’s one piece of machinery every farm needs, it has to be a tractor-trailer. Quality is everything for farmers and contractors, who rely on their gear to get the job done with minimal downtime. There’s an impressive collection of Stewart Trailers in stock, from a basic eight-tonne model through to the larger low loader trailer.

“In my opinion, the Stewart trailer will still be going strong when the cheaper alternative is ready for replacing”

Features include:

  • Top-quality build and finish
  • Colour-coding of hydraulic remotes
  • Options to suit all requirements
  • Innovative tyre inflation system for ag trailers


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