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High Body Mulchers

Asking why a high body mulcher? So the answer is simple, if you want to cut pretty much anything, a high body mulcher is for you. Its one of the most versatile grass cutting/scrub cutting implements you can have. From mulching pasture & tussock through to light bush & regrowth the Vigolo Mulchers have it covered.

What makes a high body mulcher different? The large body is a result of the large rotor diameter and longer blades compared to those of a low body machine.
What is the benefit? The larger the rotor the more momentum the machine has, like a flywheel. What this means is;
1. It will require less horsepower to continually drive the mulcher, the blades are ‘weighted’ more and therefore will cut or mulch better when in heavier conditions
2. The larger the diameter of the rotor the less likely you are to damage that rotor; they are stronger
3. The longer the blade or hammer the further away the rotor is from any obstacles that you could potentially run over, once again decrease the risk of damage.

See our blog post to help you decide what model is for you!

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