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Stewart EDGE Drop Side Trailers

Designed and built in Scotland for Australia, the all new Stewart ‘Edge’ Drop Sided Tipping trailers are built for you. Featuring full Hardox® body and sides meaning the trailer is very strong, protected from rock damage and lighter in overall tare weight without sacrificing any strength. Other features such as dual axle hydraulic breaks and LED road lighting on the larger models means road towing is completely legal behind agricultural vehicles and our ADR axles are built to take it.
Chrome plated rams are a standard feature, ensuring long life without any fear of rust damage. The GX8 & 12 models feature dual lift rams ensuring even lifting across the chassis and no chance of any body twisting or damage to the chassis.
All trailers are painted with 2-pak acrylic gloss paint to give an impressive fit and finish which complements the quality of the build and the pride of the Scottish owners!

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