Getting The Most From Your Feed

A company doesn’t reach sales in 20 countries without constant evolution. A family-owned business dedicated to the delivery of efficient and fully automated machinery for animal feeding and manure spreading, EM Machinery is new to Australia and Armour Group – AgQuip exhibitors in 2019.

When it comes to optimising and controlling feed efficiency, EM Machinery is making big moves according to Justin Dunlop, product specialist at Armour Group, importer and distributor of quality farm and construction machinery. EM RINO diet feeders and BUFFALO manure spreaders showcase years of experience in the agricultural industry, and the range of RINO models offers a complete feeding solution for any size operation.

“With features including unique wireless control system, a range of tyres for all farm situations and small power demands, RINO diet feeder makes it possible to get your optimal configuration. The new RINO series provides its users with better-mixed feed rations and perfectly even unloading without over-processing to ensure the job gets done efficiently and with precision,” Mr Dunlop said.

“The auger is one of the most critical elements of any quality mixer wagon. An impressive thickness of 20mm on the EM Opti-Cut auger crushes the fodder to a perfect size and consistency. And manufactured with high tensile steel and a unique design, the resulting efficiency gains are greater than 15%.”

“EM Machinery equipment stands out from the rest with durability-tested hardened cutting knives. The features and build strength ensures nutritional requirements are met whether you’re mixing whole bales and cutting hay and straw, through to incorporating silage, grain, minerals and concentrates.”

Also available is a premium line of manure spreaders under the EM BUFFALO name. Characterised by reinforced construction and spreading performance of vertical beaters, the option of converting the manure spreader into a capacity trailer is a great addition for capitalising on functionality and decreasing costs.

“With a premium design, the EM RINO will be entirely transformative for your operation.”

The EM Machinery RINO is engineered to handle any terrain.

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