5 Ways Dairy Farms Can Get Smarter With Slurry Tanks

There are a number of cost and smart working benefits to having a slurry tanker:

  1. Low running costs per litre –
    As effluent is sucked up by vacuum and discharged through pressure, slurry tankers don’t require a pump to operate.  This is useful where heavier/thicker slurry concentrations are processed which might cause pump burnouts.
  2. Low labour requirement –
    Slurry tankers are easy to use, and are a one-person operation.  If you’ve driven a tractor, you’ll be fine spreading with a slurry tanker.
  3. No electricity needed, and low HP requirements
    Slurry tankers are an excellent contingency plan as they do not require electricity to run. Talk to us and you’ll be surprised with the low tractor HP requirement!
  4. Spread nutrients further
    The purpose of a modern slurry tanker is to produce a cost-effective increase in agricultural yield. With limitations on the amount of nitrogen that can be spread at one time, a slurry tanker allows you to easily add fertiliser to the mix to promote faster pasture growth… And you can spread effluent nutrients over areas that can’t be reached by other spreading methods.
  5. Every tank is customised –
    Conor Engineering slurry tanks come with a vast array of every conceivable option, including overhead booms, galvanized mudguards, two fill pipes on either side, easy arms and much more. A sand agitator is an additional option to keep the slurry mixed up so that the sediment doesn’t settle to the bottom of it.

If you’ve got multiple farms, one machine can be used on all of them for economies of scale. And if you wanted to make extra return on your investment, you may be able to use the tanker to contract around your area! The team at Armour Group have 4 generations of farm machinery experience and works with only the best machinery design teams and manufacturers on your tanker. Conor Engineering has been making slurry tanks for over 22 years with the first tandem tank rolled out in 2012. Conor now produces around 50 tandem tanks a year on top of their tri-axle tank, including an impressive 5.5 thousand gallon tank on air suspension front and rear steering.

Where are Conor tanks available?

There is a huge demand in Ireland, Norway, Poland and Iceland as well as Lithuania, Latvia, New Zealand and Australia (by a partnership with Armour Group). Conor actively grows the export market with good importers and distributors. Contact Armour Group for freight options near you.

What is the process for producing a tanker?

The order comes into the dealer usually and it’s processed in the Conor factory in County Clare, Ireland. Raw steel comes into the factory and the tank is rolled, with ends put on before going into a welding bay chassis. All the options are added to the tank and checked off, then the tank is painted. There’s no sub-assembly production done anywhere else – it’s all evidenced at the Conor factory with an on-site design team to perform all customisations.

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